Rear Windshield wind deflectors for Polaris Slingshot- Red Tint

$200.00 - $250.00
Rear Windshield wind deflectors for Polaris Slingshot- Red Tint

Custom plexiglass. No cheap plastic or mesh. This deflector is flexible so you can bend it slightly or accidentally drop (lightly) without worrying about breaking. This listing is for rear windshield wind deflector in red tint. Our red tint is twice as thick as our clear and light tint polycarbonate screens

Used to limit amount of wind turbulence in cockpit. Best when paired with a taller front windshield. Our rear deflector will not completely eliminate wind as the Polaris is an open roadster. It will however make the ride more enjoyable.

Compare to other brands for $400 that are bulky and practically nowhere to store. You can store our deflector behind seat if needed.

*Our screen is supposed to flex with wind to allow excess air to pass under center gap. The more expensive screens block wind but add drag. Our screen is a cheaper more effective alternative.

**Will not fit models with factory Slingshade.
Made to order in 7 to 10 business days. Note: Takes minimum 3 days to make.

*Please install the straps through the openings in roll hoops as shown in picture in instructions. This is only proper way to fit tight. This is not a hard install. Please use instructions included before contacting us as we print these as a visual guide for your assistance. Thanks